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After leaving school, in Bavaria Roland slowly learned the mechanics and politics of the music touring industry by lighting club bands in Germany and Austria.


From those humble beginnings in Bavaria, Roland can be found today working with some of the most successful in the world of music. Artists like; Adele, Phil Collins and The Rolling Stones, for whom he has collaborated with Woodroffe Bassett Design (WBD) over the last 12 years. Most recently Roland has been responsible for the co-lighting design of the current Rammstein stadium tour and Genesis’s Last Domino tour with WBD. Beside his work in the concert and touring industry, Roland has designed and worked for television productions such as the “Eurovision Song Contest“, the biggest televised music show in the world. His resume also includes corporate and theatrical productions, as well as special events. His designing of shows extends into the areas of programming, planning and working as tour lighting director.


A professional, radically creative, and innovative way of thinking, are trademarks of his work. An overall holistic approach is a prerequisite to any and all of Roland’s production design work, being an out growth of his nearly over two decades of experience with media servers and integration of the worlds of video and lighting design.

Roland has conducted various lectures in multiple countries on the subject of lighting and production design, as well as programming and lighting direction. He has also authored the book „Show Lighting“.


When he’s not on the road Roland lives in Munich with his wife Shannon and their daughter in sight of the mountains that he loves so much.

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