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“Roland Greil is an internationally respected lighting and production designer, who is recognized as one of the most creative, talented, and easy to work with designers for the concert stage. His design and production work, for some of the concert touring industry‘s most successful artists over the past decade, has positioned him in the upper echelon of his profession.“


Phay Mac Mahon (Production Manager)

“Roland Greil is someone that you want on your team. Roland is well focused on his projects and knows what is needed to get the job done.

He takes great direction from the Artist and works within the allocated budgets while always bringing the vision to the show.“


Dale Skjerseth (Production Director Rolling Stones & ACDC )

"Roland is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, creative person I have had the pleasure and experience of working with. In our business, things do not always go the way you plan them, and that is when Roland uses his experience and knowledge, to get the show on. He keeps a cool head in stressful situations. Roland is a team player, someone you can count on.

I am very fortunate to have worked with him and will keep on working with him in the future."


Howard Hopkins (Production Manager Genesis& Phil Collins)

"Roland Greil - Not many words needed, extremly talented, solution orientated, team player that you want around when the artists wishlist does not line up with your budget.

Someone that will always go the extra mile to get the best possible show design."


Nicolai Sabottka (Production Director Rammstein / CEO ffp effects Inc)

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